HCLabs and SAP continue to invest in the On-Premise Learning Solution (LSO)

The January 2014 issue of SAP’s "HCM OnPremise Innovations Newsletter" confirmed that SAP has committed to deliver on 18 Learning Solution (LSO) Improvement Requests in 2014. This is great news as it confirms that, despite SAP’s overall push towards in-cloud SuccessFactors learning, existing SAP LSO clients can expect continued support from SAP for the learning platform that they have invested in adopting. 

Here are the LSO enhancements that SAP is scheduled to deliver by the end of July 2014:

  1. Individual / flexible correspondence & email in LSO
  2. Improved Content Player
  3. Streamline Follow-up Process
  4. New customizing option: disable rebooking correspondence if only capacity was changed
  5. Book List for curricula (EC) and Training program (EK)
  6. Improve E-Learning Handling with high amount of bookings
  7. One click participation cancellation
  8. Prevent automatic correspondence when event date has passed
  9. Confirmation date of WBT
  10. Display of verbal description only for booked participants
  11. Allow for date range selection on employee Transcript
  12. LSO Evaluation process: send notification upon course completion
  13. Completion Certificate
  14. Rework of the SCORM-Reporting
  15. Default customizing entry of Appraisal form for each ‘Delivery method’
  16. Blended Learning Progress Reporting for Curricula
  17. Administration of long-term and fairly long-term trainings (E)
  18. Partial attendance

Clients that plan to deploy these enhancements should strongly consider implementing HCLab’s SAP-certified add-on enhancement solution for LSO, RegLearn, at the same time. RegLearn resolves many pain points in standard LSO that remain sources of frustration for users, resulting in redundant effort and limited user adoption. “We created RegLearn to boost the functionality of SAP’s LSO to handle our customers’ complex compliance requirements," said Jason Ichen, co-founder of hyperCision Labs. " A good opportunity to implement RegLearn would be for customers deploying the planned enhancements from SAP,” Ichen continued, “as there would be a single project focused on improving the end user experience while strengthening the organization’s compliance and training culture.

HCLabs recently released a RegLearn video to visually demonstrate the new levels of simplicity the solution brings to SAP LSO:

About HC Labs
HCLabs is an SAP partner specializing in developing rapid and innovative enhancements for the Learning Solution based on best practices, regulatory changes and customer demand.  Since the 2010 initial release of RegLearn, their SAP-certified add-on for LSO, the technical and industry experts at HCLabs have continued to deliver major improvements in the usability, functionality, and reporting capabilities of this LMS, which has led to increased automation, improved user adoption, and a reduction in the overall cost of training compliance for their clients.Contact: Richard Schoeneberg  972.816.9690