System Health Check

hyperCision recognizes that you’ve invested a lot of time and budget in your SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. With best-in-class Talent and a full-suite of continually evolving Core HCM solutions such as Employee Central and Cloud Payroll, SuccessFactors customers should have a solution that exceeds their expectations in supporting their strategic HCM initiatives. But this isn’t always the case – and hyperCision’s System Health Check can help.

hyperCision developed the System Health Check process in response to requests from SuccessFactors customers who needed to understand the current state of their SuccessFactors implementation and receive a go-forward strategy to optimize, including quick-wins, next-step solutions, a long-term roadmap, and best practices for ongoing maintenance.

Is it Time for a System Health Check?
  • Maybe your business is moving from transactional to strategic and your solutions haven’t kept pace.

  • Perhaps you suspect that you have functional pain points because your rapid implementation wasn’t optimized.

  • Or, it could be that your IT and business teams simply haven’t had the time to keep up with rapidly evolving solutions.

Regardless of the reason, our System Health Check can help you realize the value in your solution landscape today and help you plan for ongoing support as your organizational needs evolve.

What do you receive from a System Health Check?

In a nutshell, our System Health Check is an assessment that compares your HCM objectives and goals against current and future SuccessFactors functionality and provides the best path forward to achieve your HCM vision. System Health Checks are performed by a team of Certified SuccessFactors consultants with years of system and process experience.

Our System Health Check is typically comprised of the following:

  • Evaluation of your use of available capability

    • A review of the underlying foundation: Do the data models and functionality support your current needs?

    • A review of your current system capabilities and functionality against your current business requirements

  • Analysis of implementation quality

    • An examination of process alignment with the implementation

    • An assessment of configuration quality, feature activation, and process support

  • Determination of readiness for use

    • An appraisal of the following: Are upgrades applied? Are business needs met? Is the system optimized?

    • A discussion of the following: Does your team know how to use the tool? Are there process/system conflicts? How do they currently receive support?

    • A review of organizational change process steps

  • Review of your goals, objectives and vision:

    • A review of the underlying foundation: Do the data models and functionality support expansion into additional modules?

    • Are evolving processes or strategic initiatives supported by current functionality and/or future roadmap?

The result of the System Health Check is a full report of Findings and Recommendations based on the health of the system, including recommended action items. An indication of system limitations, corrective actions, and recommendations that include systemic as well as process improvements are also documented in the report. We provide a roadmap to help you optimize your solution based on your process and solution goals, and then we work with you to tailor the roadmap, considering any resource and budget constraints your team has identified as well as your future implementation goals.