Learning Management

No other services company knows SAP’s Learning Solution as well as hyperCision. In fact, our consultants have been directly involved with this solution since before its initial release in 2001. Members of our team worked with SAP Product Management to design this Learning Management System (LMS), and we assisted SAP clients with the first implementations of this solution. Since then, hyperCision has customized, enhanced and deployed this LMS for a large number of clients across every major industry.

SuccessFactors Learning Management

Do you have on-premise Learning and BizX for Performance? Are you considering migrating from SAP’s Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning? Our team works with both SuccessFactors and SAP; we know the solutions backwards and forwards and we like both Learning Management Solutions for different reasons. We can help you determine the path forward to best meet your organization’s needs. In addition, we deliver proven integration packages to support any hybrid scenario you are interested in pursuing.

SAP Learning Solution

Because we have been involved with the SAP Learning Solution and its evolution since the very beginning, we know what our clients need to think about before they begin the implementation; the key personnel who should be involved during the analysis, blueprint and realization phases of the implementation; and the implementation and change management processes need to be followed to ensure the SAP Learning Solution is successful, both from the perspectives of the implementation and of organizational acceptance.