hyperCision participates in the ASUG 2016 SAP Learning Solution Design Thinking Workshop

The SAP SAPPHIRE NOW / ASUG Annual Conference takes place in Orlando, Florida May 17-19, with a free RechargeHR face-to-face event on May 16th, sponsored by hyperCision and Deloitte.

Take part in ASUG's Learning Solution Influence Session!

Don't miss your opportunity to participate in SAP Learning Solution (LSO) Design Thinking Workshop on Thursday, May 19th at the ASUG Annual Conference. This collaborative event brings SAP Learning experts together with LSO customers to discuss challenges, share experiences, and reach a deeper understanding of the Learning Solution.  This invaluable session will help design, educate and influence the future of your learning solution!

Design Thinking Workshop for Learning

During this workshop, participants will:

 · explore the “art of the possible” in learning, with a better understanding of the go-forward plan.

 · discuss learning challenges, key priorities, and how learning can help meet business outcomes.

 · discover where SAP is making strategic investments in learning.

 · glean more insight into moving learning to the cloud.

 · get valuable product ideas and feedback.

 · influence the roadmap for SAP Learning Solution!​

hyperCision's Managing Partner Sharon Newton, an SAP Mentor and LSO Influence Council Co-Chair, will be oneof the esteemed experts on the Design Thinking Workshop Panel.

Are an LSO customer? Your invaluable insight and feedback during this special collaborative session will help shape the future of LSO - don't miss it!