Game-Changing HR Leaders Radio by SAP / VoiceAmerica: "When the Best Planning Leaves Someone Out"

The buzz: It’s your party. Who’s invited matters. Who’s left out matters, too. We’re talking about women in STEM and anyone who thinks or acts differently from “the norm.” Lack of women in top leadership is disappointing for them and for talent missed through lack of inclusion. How do you change your organizational, company and/or country culture to take advantage of “invisible” talent not obvious to decision makers? Take a chance. It may become your best strategy yet.

The experts speak. Sharon Cook, hyperCision: “A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and do new things” (Rear Admiral Grace Hopper). Jackie Ato, SuccessFactors: “An enterprise that is constantly exploring new horizons is likely to have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent” (Gary Hamel). Sherryanne Meyer, ASUG: “Warner: ‘You got into Harvard Law?’ Elle: ‘What? Like, it’s hard?’” (Legally Blonde, 2001). Join us for When the Best Planning Leaves Someone Out.

CLICK HERE to listen to the full episode (originally aired October 21, 2015).