Your New Learning Management System – an Administrator’s Pain!

by Maryann Ford, Senior Consultant

Your new Learning Management System (LMS) is finally deployed.   All that hard work has come to fruition.    Or has it….?   Do you ever think “I wish I knew then what I know now……”!   As a training administrator, a new learning solution should make your work life easier - with enhanced functionality, new features, better processes, and fewer “manual tasks”.  So what happened?  

Training demands and how we deliver and manage training continue to grow and evolve!  Stakeholders look for creative ways to approach training that fall out of the norm of a traditional LMS.    Training administrators need to find other ways (workarounds) to meet different training scenarios – which can become a time and cost burden.  There is a sense of growing frustration …   Is the LMS not living up to what it is designed to do?  Or does the issue stem from a lack of flexible and innovative solutions to meet growing demands?      

I spoke with a former customer last week to get some insight on the challenges they face when trying to manage different training scenarios in the LMS.   To paraphrase:  “The LMS does not handle unique training situations ‘elegantly’!   Tracking attendance and marking completions present huge barriers.”  Two situations presented:     

  • Required safety meeting is unexpectedly called – field workers are pulled out of the field and into a training.     
  • Workers show up for a “turnaround” – they are moved immediately into a training orientation.  

“Show-Up” and “Go-To” training scenarios such as these are not specific to a single customer group.  Unfortunately, there is no dynamic way for an administrator (or instructor) to track attendance and mark participant completions.   These tasks are not only manual – they are “pain” points - resulting in system security issues, time constraints, human error, misrepresentation of data; out of compliance discrepancies, and inaccurate reporting. 

A learning management system provides a way to plan, structure, track, and report on training and its use by learners.  But because all training is not planned in a structured format within the LMS, meeting unique training needs become a huge gap in the world of LMS functionality.        

The Solution!  “RollCall”!   RollCall is a mobile attendance application which enables Administrators and/or Instructors to capture training attendance and completions “anywhere” - automatically uploading the records into the LMS to update a user’s learning history.  

  • Supports both on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Search capabilities to filter and review specific courses via a web-app or mobile-app.
  • Uses Identification badges (Barcode or RFID) scanning technology to validate user information.
  • Confirms attendance which is automatically propagated to the LMS updating a user’s learning history. 
  • Provides support for open attendance, roster based and e-signature scenarios.
  • Can be configured to support requirements such as custom fields, completion statuses, attendance limits, etc.    

Please go to for more information.   If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of RollCall, please contact Todd Hall,