Team Spotlight: Jasmin Drake, hyperCision's Newest Intern

Each month, we're excited to highlight a member of hyperCision and learn about how they joined the company and their journey as a valuable part of our team.

I began my marketing journey with hyperCision before I even knew it. I met the Newton family four years ago when I was a college freshman majoring in Marketing and English, and I began looking after their children and household. Who would have thought this position would turn into an internship with hyperCision? Sharon Newton, hyperCision’s CEO, asked me if I would like to try my hand at a position involving Marketing and Management. I joined the team in September 2016, and that’s when the real learning began.

During my time with hyperCision, Sharon Newton and I often discussed the correlation of attending college courses with the real work life of a marketing coordinator. I will be the first to tell you that there is no comparison. Nothing like real life—I repeat, nothing like real life! As an intern, I worked closely with Sharon, who gave her time generously and acted more like a mentor than a professor. I was able to learn and experiment with my ideas, rather than having to profess the correct answer or risk failing. I was asked what I thought should be included in marketing assets such as brochures and advertisements, rather than a textbook telling me. I learned to think outside the box, and was encouraged to gain my own footing. There was no failure at hyperCision—just the ability to gather invaluable insight about the professional business world.

This experience has been priceless. I completed more marketing work during my 3 months with the company than I had in the last 3 years of college. Gaining real life experience helped me create clarity around what I wanted my career focus to be. I discovered that I need something exciting and thought-provoking, something that allowed me to use my background in English to express myself. I witnessed the way hyperCision operated from the inside, and this knowledge has helped strengthen my belief that one day I’ll possess the skills and experience to run my own business.

More than anything, I appreciate the team I worked with. I was surrounded by highly intelligent veterans and I never felt intimidated or of lesser value. My favorite takeaway from my internship was the freedom I was given to explore my own thoughts and ideas. It showed me that even as an entry-level employee, I can still make an impact.

I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way, those smart and supportive experts who took the time to teach me key business tips I will remember for years to come. I genuinely appreciate the effort the hyperCision team dedicated to my learning experience. I am forever grateful for the chance to have been a part of hyperCision.

—Jasmin Drake